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philbildner [userpic]
Phil Bildner's New Gay-Themed Teen Novel, "Playing the Field" (and it's a comedy!)
by philbildner (philbildner)
at February 26th, 2006 (08:58 am)


I know I’ve contacted a number of you individually so if you’ve received an e-mail from me directly, or if I’ve contacted you through Myspace I apologize in advance.

I’m trying to get the word out about my new gay-themed, teen novel “Playing the Field” that just came out this week.

I’m reaching out to Gay-Straight Alliances, young adult reading clubs, teen pride groups and other such organizations because I think the novel will be of interest to you. “Playing the Field” is an over the top look at high school life, and the main storylines are focused around the school’s GSA.

Without question, the novel is already rubbing some people the wrong way. Because of the subject matter, some reviewers have refused to review it and some schools have refused to include it in their collections. Whatever.

To be quite honest, the language and sexual content is rather tame (comparatively speaking), but what adult readers are not quite able to grasp is how frank and evolved the characters are.

My intent was never to create the next great piece of teen literature. I wanted to create a fun read with a cool message of tolerance, and I think I did.

“Playing the Field” is available in stores (Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, etc.) and on-line (Amazon and Barnes & Noble). I’ve also included a synopsis of the book below, lifted from the inside flap copy. If you know of anyone who might be interested in the book, please spread the word. In the world of teen novels and young adult literature, nothing beats word of mouth and Myspace!

I’d love to hear from you, and if you hear of others who have read the book, please encourage them to contact me as well. I enjoy the feedback...even negative feedback because that’s when you really know you’ve struck a chord!

Increase the Peace,

Phil Bildner

www.philbildner.com (we’re rebuilding the site right now so some of the links may be a little off)

Playing the Field:

"Insightful, provocative, and laugh-out-loud funny…An inside-out look at high school sports."
--Pete Hautman, National Book Award winner for Godless

"Phil Bildner's screwball comedy sings with wit and originality and a refreshingly frank and funny exploration of bias and discrimination against gays. Like Darcy Miller's magical pitching arm, it sinks a fastball straight into your heart."
-- Tracy Mack, author of Birdland

All Darcy wants is to play on the baseball team, to hear her name announced, "Now batting, Darcy Miller," to play the field. Is that so much to ask?

Unfortunately, it might be. In a few short months, Darcy Miller goes from typical senior in high school to candidate for Jerry Springer. Her mom has started dating Darcy's principal, the very principal whose son Darcy happened to have started a huge flirt-fest with, now brought to a screeching halt. When she decides to let her mom go to bat (so to speak) for her to play on the baseball team, Darcy thinks things are starting to look up. After all, Principal Basset caves and decides to let her play. But he has two conditions that shake up her entire game: She must pretend to be a lesbian (WHAT?) and she must join the GSA, the Gay-Straight Alliance (WHAT? WHAT?), the president of which happens to be her best friend -- make that her ex-best friend, Josh. Okay, Darcy's senior year might seem complicated at first. It's not. It's insurmountably, unforgettably, and -- most of the time -- hilariously complicated.

But if anyone can handle it, it's Darcy. She'll do anything just to play the field.

Charon [userpic]
Meeting 02/10/2006
by Charon (redscale)
at February 11th, 2006 (11:18 pm)

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Hey guys! I stupidly left the notebook with the meeting notes in my locker, so this post will be edited on Monday. However, I figured I could at least type some things up purely from memory.

This meeting had a great turn-out! We gained two new members; welcome John and Caitlyn! We first made sure that those speaking at the Teacher Pot-luck knew of their assignments. So far, our speakers are Annelise, Nick, and Kristen.

Next, we designated invitations. If you don't remember which teacher you are to deliver invitations to, e-mail me at red.scale59@gmail.com, and I'll get back to you Monday afternoon. Please, hand these invitations out by Tuesday afternoon at the latest, that way the teachers won't be caught at the last minute. Annelise is making the invitations this weekend. Once she does so, I'll post them up here for you to download or you can recive them from her in person.

Lastly, Amnesty Internation has invited us to their LGBT meeting. This meeting will be held (I believe) on the 4th Thursday in March, starting at 2.30. It would be great if you guys could show up, and remember to be respectful towards our hosts! :)

That's all for now. Like I said, this post will be edited Monday afternoon in case I forgot anything.

Charon [userpic]
Student Panel
by Charon (redscale)
at December 4th, 2005 (12:31 pm)

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Safe Schools NC is looking for students who are willing to participated in a panel designed to provide administrators, teachers, and counselors on LGBT issues. This panel will be held January 31st. Contact Nick Fields if you are interested and he will relay the information to you.

Charon [userpic]
Meeting 3
by Charon (redscale)
at December 4th, 2005 (12:24 pm)

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Hello, guys! Sorry for updating so late, but here is all that happened during the GSA's most recent meeting:

Melissa Weiss from the Triangle Gay-Straight Alliance Network (TGSAN) visited and spoke with us about our new club. She started off describing to us Safe Schools NC (click the link for more information). We briefly talked about the club's rights before moving on to our goals.

Some of the goals we briefly talked about were increasing membership and participating with other schools. We mainly focused on the immediate goal of spreading the word that there is, in fact, a GSA at Wakefield. We came up with several ways to do this, listed below:
1) Get involved with other clubs. We could have a sort of "trial membership" at one of their meetings, and they could have one at one of ours.
2) Form an alliance with FCA. Once the GSA was instilled at Wakefield, FCA, another club not affiliated with the school, lost some of its rights. We could form an alliance with them based on this common ground and try to gain those rights back (especially the right to advertise/post information on the announcements).
3) Have a volunteer workshop for teachers. This will not only increase knowledge of the GSA (and clear up some of the mysteries and inconceptions about it) but will also help teachers if they are ever confronted with a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered student.
4) Document all forms of gay-bashing. This may not exactly spread the word, but it will make for good evidence in proving that homophobia does exist in Wake County Public Schools.

A big thing worthy of notice is that 7 students attended this meeting (the highest number of attendees so far). Thank you Kalani, Amber, and Kayla, for becoming a part of our group!

Charon [userpic]
Frequently Asked Questions (Incomplete!)
by Charon (redscale)
at November 30th, 2005 (09:36 pm)

This post is to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the GSA, activism, etc. If you feel anything needs to be added, leave a comment with the question in it (it would be helpful if you could provide an answer to that question, but it's okay if you cannot).



So what is a GSA?
GSA stands for Gay-Straight Alliance. They are organizations started mainly by highschool or college students designed to provide a safe environment and information for who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

What does it do?
While doing what is mentioned above, many GSAs try to spread awareness and tolerance of homosexuality. Many of the members are committed activits, participating in events such as Day of Silence.

Can I consider myself straight and still be be a part of the GSA?
Of course! One doesn't have to fit any criteria to join; some GSAs are mainly homosexual, some are mainly heterosexual, and some are a bit of both. Having heterosexuals as a part of the group is, in fact, a comforting thought as it means awareness and tolerance are being spread.

The GSA at Wakefield Highschool

How long has this GSA been active?
Although attempts were made to get a GSA started at this school at the end of the 2004-2005 school year, a GSA did not become concrete until October of 2005.

When and where does it meet?
Because some people may use this information to harm any of the members, I cannot post here. If you are truly interested, you may e-mail
(the secretary and community administrator) or
the club president

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