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Meeting 3
by Charon (redscale)
at December 4th, 2005 (12:24 pm)

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Hello, guys! Sorry for updating so late, but here is all that happened during the GSA's most recent meeting:

Melissa Weiss from the Triangle Gay-Straight Alliance Network (TGSAN) visited and spoke with us about our new club. She started off describing to us Safe Schools NC (click the link for more information). We briefly talked about the club's rights before moving on to our goals.

Some of the goals we briefly talked about were increasing membership and participating with other schools. We mainly focused on the immediate goal of spreading the word that there is, in fact, a GSA at Wakefield. We came up with several ways to do this, listed below:
1) Get involved with other clubs. We could have a sort of "trial membership" at one of their meetings, and they could have one at one of ours.
2) Form an alliance with FCA. Once the GSA was instilled at Wakefield, FCA, another club not affiliated with the school, lost some of its rights. We could form an alliance with them based on this common ground and try to gain those rights back (especially the right to advertise/post information on the announcements).
3) Have a volunteer workshop for teachers. This will not only increase knowledge of the GSA (and clear up some of the mysteries and inconceptions about it) but will also help teachers if they are ever confronted with a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered student.
4) Document all forms of gay-bashing. This may not exactly spread the word, but it will make for good evidence in proving that homophobia does exist in Wake County Public Schools.

A big thing worthy of notice is that 7 students attended this meeting (the highest number of attendees so far). Thank you Kalani, Amber, and Kayla, for becoming a part of our group!


Posted by: ...{M!LK}... (shii_starr)
Posted at: December 4th, 2005 06:41 pm (UTC)

"1) Get involved with other clubs. We could have a sort of "trial membership" at one of their meetings, and they could have one at one of ours."

I know that we have LGBT as one of our Special Focuses in Amnesty. I'm sure our coordinator for that particular focus would be happy to help you guys out. She's the treasurer and is usually in Ms. Peeples' room in the mornings. Ask for Caitlyn, and she should want to help you. If you can't find her or if she doesn't want to help you, I could ask at one of the officers meetings if we could do this...alliance??? I guess would be the word. I hope this helps some,

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