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Charon [userpic]
Frequently Asked Questions (Incomplete!)
by Charon (redscale)
at November 30th, 2005 (09:36 pm)

This post is to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the GSA, activism, etc. If you feel anything needs to be added, leave a comment with the question in it (it would be helpful if you could provide an answer to that question, but it's okay if you cannot).



So what is a GSA?
GSA stands for Gay-Straight Alliance. They are organizations started mainly by highschool or college students designed to provide a safe environment and information for who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

What does it do?
While doing what is mentioned above, many GSAs try to spread awareness and tolerance of homosexuality. Many of the members are committed activits, participating in events such as Day of Silence.

Can I consider myself straight and still be be a part of the GSA?
Of course! One doesn't have to fit any criteria to join; some GSAs are mainly homosexual, some are mainly heterosexual, and some are a bit of both. Having heterosexuals as a part of the group is, in fact, a comforting thought as it means awareness and tolerance are being spread.

The GSA at Wakefield Highschool

How long has this GSA been active?
Although attempts were made to get a GSA started at this school at the end of the 2004-2005 school year, a GSA did not become concrete until October of 2005.

When and where does it meet?
Because some people may use this information to harm any of the members, I cannot post here. If you are truly interested, you may e-mail
(the secretary and community administrator) or
the club president