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The GSA at Wakefield Highschool

Closets are for clothes...really fabulous clothes.

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Welcome to the GSA at Wakefield Highschool!

This online community is a way for Wakefield Highschool students to be a part of the school's GSA without having to be present in the meetings. Whether you cannot attend because of parental restrictions, other engagements, or you just aren't comfortable, this community is a place for you to feel at home with other people who support equality for homosexuals.

How to Join
You MUST have a livejournal account to join this community. You can easily sign-up for a free account. Once you have made your account click here to join (or use the link at the top of the page). After you've joined, you are allowed to post within the community.
Note: All posts are sent to the mods before being submitted to the community. This is to filter out any hurtful or off-topic posts.

The Rules
o1)No Bashing/Flaming
This means no overly-negative comments of racist, sexist, homophobic, heterophobic, or any other nature. If you join this community just to say "lolz gayz suck!" (which is a complete waste of your time) or "eew, straightz!", you will recive an automatic temporary ban. A second offense will result in a permanent ban.

o2)Keep posts on-topic
Since posts are moderated, this will be easy to enforce. However, please don't waste the mod's time by submitting a post detailing everything about your day. If there's a GSA-related bit of it, then fine. Submit that part only. The mods, just like you, are busy students and don't have time pick through off-topic posts.

o3)And speaking of the mods...
Respect them. Listen to them. If you have a bone to pick with a mod's decison, take it up with the commuinity administrator (e-mail: red_scale59@hotmail.com) or the club president. Otherwise accept the situation and move on. The mods are simply here to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in this community. If you accept that fact, then you should have no problem.

Contact Information
Club President: Annelise Gregory (outofearth89@yahoo.com)
Triangle GSA Relations- Nick Fields (kinareth@gmail.com)
Web Adminsitrator/Secretary: Autumn Green (red_scale59@hotmail.com)
Club Supervisor: Mr. Senter (esenter@wcpss.net
Club Supervisor: Ms. Rich (mrich@wcpss.net)

Note: This club is not affiliated with Wakefield Highschool